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Local History Column

        Here's a list of Janet's "Did You Know?" local history columns that have appeared in Harrisburg Horizons newspaper in Harrisburg, North Carolina.  She plans to publish all her local history columns in a book.  In the meantime, you can click on the underlined topics to see samples of her work.

Early Use of the X-ray in Harrisburg
Two Churches - A Shared History (Bellefonte & Rocky River)
George Washington Ate Here
From Harrisburg to the Governor's Office (Gov. Dr. Nathaniel Alexander)
A Minuteman in the American Revolution ("Big William" Morrison)
Native American Projectile Points                                                
Harrisburg Volunteer Fire Dept.
Remembering "Miss Clarissa" Hampton                                
Pioneer Mills:  No Place for a Preacher's Son
Joshua Harris' Record, 1817 - 1859
How Harrisburg Got Its Name
The "Lady Bird Special"
The 1863 Tax Assessment List
Three Rosenwald Schools - Parts I-III
Johnston & Howie Store Ledger (1857-1858)
A History Club That Made History

The Coming of the Railroad - Parts I-VI
April 11, 1897 Train Wreck - Part I-II
Charlotte Motor Speedway
The 1960 World 600
Training for D-Day - Ira Lee Taylor
Ira Lee Taylor and D-Day
From D-Day to Bostogne
From Bastogne to VE-Day, and then Home
Daily Army Life in WWII Europe
Summertime in 1907 - Parts I & II
The Cost to Wed in 1936
The Original Hickory Ridge School - Parts I-IV
Church Notes Reveal All Kinds of Mischief
Life in 1807                                
NC-49 was US-29 -- Parts I & II
Dr. Nicholas Lubchenko - Part I
Dr. Nicholas Lubchenko - Parts II-V
Carl Higgins, WWII Hero
Ground Observer Corps - Part I & II
A Noisy Night in 1771 - Parts I-VII
Long Island Hotel
Early Mail Service
Harrisburg Postmasters, 1855-1893
Harrisburg Postmasters, 1893-1954
Harrisburg Postmasters, 1954-2008
Horse & Buggy Mail Carriers
Automobile Age Mail Carriers - Parts I & II
Welch-Teeter Mills - Parts I & II
Kirkland, Welch's Mill & Wharey Post Offices
Where Were the Highways?
Lubchenko House History
1930 Death of Oldest NC Woman
County Roads in 1868 - Parts I & II
Lafayette Springs, Witch Doctor
Cotton Economy - Parts I-VI
Rocky River Cotton Factory & Gin - Parts I & II
Telephone Service - Parts I-V
Hurricane Hugo 20th Anniversary - Parts I & II
The 1849 Meteorite - Parts I-VI

The 1849 Meteorite - Part VII                        
Harrisburg Improvement Company - Parts I-VII
Morrison-Sims Store - Parts I & II
Flood of 1886
Play Ball! - Parts I & II
Piedmont Area Development Association (PADA) - 1959-1973
Earthquakes Felt Here - Parts I & II
McCachren's Store
Rocky River Bridges in the 1870s - Parts I-IV

The Sauline Players - Parts I & II
A Tribute to George L. Govan
Rocky River Academy - Parts I-III
1861 Church Sanctuary - Parts I & II
A 1777 Estate Sale
Hugh W. Pharr and His Mill - Parts I-III
Harrisburg Library's 10th Anniversary - Parts I-III
1907 Attempted Train Robbery
1816 - Year Without a Summer - Parts I-III
Home Deliveries in the Mid-1900s - Parts I-III
Gray's Store to Cope's Store
Blume's Store - Parts I-III

High-Speed Trains - Parts I & II
Township No. One Boundaries - Parts I & II
Early Harrisburg Education - Parts I-III
The Pharr Grist Mill on Back Creek - Parts I & II
Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too
Who Turned on the Lights in Harrisburg?
$3,500 for Electricity in 1928
Electricity Comes to the Countryside
Our 22-Mile Ring Dike - Parts I-III
1912 Homecoming - Parts I & II
Pioneer Mills Gold Mine - Parts I & II
A Fellow Named Leventhorpe
Collett Leventhorpe in the Civil War
Collett Leventhorpe's Life After the Civil War
Pioneer Mills Community - Parts I-III
Township One Blacksmiths